When the Hair is Everywhere. 6 Cleaning Life Hacks for Pet Owners

No matter how great our love for pets is, it does not negate the difficulties associated with their care. The topic of this article is ubiquitous hair and 6 ways to get rid of it.

  1. Water

The need for regular wet cleaning is obvious: hair not only spoils the appearance of the apartment, but also can cause allergies, so wipe the floor as often as possible, paying special attention to the corners and crevices, where hair usually accumulates. For furniture and carpet the following is a great and simple cleaning tool: wet the sheet and cover a thing with it, then beat it properly. Not only hair, but also dust and small villi from the depth of a product will stick to a sheet.

  1. Antistatic

Regularly treat furniture, clothes and carpets in the house with antistatic. Hairs charged with static electricity will not settle on them in large quantities this way. A floor, appliances, electrical appliances and other hard surfaces can be wiped with a rag dipped in a soft fabric softener or polish: these products neutralize the electrical charge and do not allow hair to adhere to them again.

  1. Rubber

Another life hack for cleaning hair is to use rubber, because it has excellent static properties. Get a rubber brush or roller. You can also use a car wiper, rubber gloves and even a balloon! Just rub the contaminated surface with a rubber product and see how much hair will it gather.

  1. Adhesive tape

For hair removal, special sticky rollers can be used. They can be disposable and washable, gel-based. One can also use ordinary tape: wrap the roller for painting in it and clean your home easily.

  1. Synthetic fabric

Instead of an ordinary rag, you can use old nylon pantyhose or other types of synthetic fabric. Like rubber, this fabric will attract hair due to static electricity. Just put tights on your hand, wipe the floor and easily collect electrified hair and wool.

  1. Robotic vacuum cleaner

When there are animals in the house, you have to vacuum every day. A robotic vacuum cleaner can facilitate the task of tidy owners, but only with the function of hair cleaning. Such a vacuum cleaner should have a high suction power, a silicone roller or a turbo brush, a special filter that is not clogged with hair, and a sensor of heavily contaminated areas.

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