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Top 10 Small Pets for Your Child - AnimalsMemes

Top 10 Small Pets for Your Child


Hedgehogs are the sweetest small animals, which, in fact, requires a minimum of your attention. However, it should be borne in mind that if such a pet is rarely contacted, the hedgehog is able to become quite aggressive, bringing a lot of problems.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can hardly be called unusual pets. These lovely creatures, which are often being got for their very friendly and sociable nature, are at the same time one of the largest rodents.


Hamsters are extremely popular as pets because of their cute appearance, fluffy fur and relatively low costs to take care of. They usually easily allow themselves to be picked up, although some of their smaller species can be quite restless, especially female specimens.


Perhaps a rat is not the first thing that will come to your mind when your child suddenly expresses a desire to receive a pet as a gift. Unfairly. A rat is a highly sociable and intelligent animal that needs minimal care.


Gerbils are collective animals that form colonies in their natural environment. That is why it is recommended to keep them in small groups – from two to four specimens. But do not worry – they are very inexpensive to take care of.


Ferrets are utterly active, terribly inquisitive and extremely agile animals. At the same time they are very nice to look at and have a fluffy fur coat, which is very pleasant to the touch. They live longer than many of their small fellows – from eight to ten years.


Of all the furry pets that are offered in this list, chinchillas are the most furry. Their fur is thick and silky. Because of this, chinchillas are probably the most enjoyable of all to pick them up and pat.

Hermit crab

A hermit crab is by no means the most common pet from this list of recommended ones. However, they are very well-behaved and very inexpensive to take care of, so perfectly suited for this role.


Parrots are one of the most popular pets, and for good reason. They are very playful in nature and love to interact, not to mention their attractive appearance.


Rabbits, which are very cute, affectionate and intelligent creatures, are also very playful. However, one can hardly recommend these animals for young children, as rabbits do not like when they are roughly grabbed: sharp movements of kids can scare them.

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