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21 Life Hacks for Pet Owners - AnimalsMemes

21 Life Hacks for Pet Owners

Want a dog to look at the camera when you photograph it? Get her attention with a ball. Pre-glue to the ball a plug from the old headphones, and then plug it into the appropriate jack of the phone.

The dog won’t get off your lap? Why not make her a “dog bed” like this:

And in order to make such a “bed”, you will need only an old sweater and a pillow.

The “dining area” for dogs of large breeds can mask for the dresser. Even a huge package of food will fit inside.

Only three branches and a piece of fabric, and a cozy hut for tailed pet is ready.

Just as easily done the hammock. Stretch the fabric of the desired size between the four legs of the chair or table.

And such a cozy place to sleep can be equipped using a wicker basket and a blanket.

A rubber scraper for glass will help to gather the wool from the home furniture or car seats quickly and efficiently.

A rubber glove is also perfect for this purpose

In the spring, during the shedding of hair, your cat will be incredibly glad to such accessory fixed in a secluded place.

And to that one too. It can be made from two brushes for washing dishes and the base.

Do not forget about another natural need of a cats – manicure. Otherwise, your soft furnishings will be damaged. If you for some reason do not have a special scratching post, you can equip it on the leg of a table or a chair (and such a device will be less noticeable in the house than the usual scratching post). It is enough to wrap the leg tightly with a rope made of sisal. It is believed that this fiber is best suited for cat’s claws.

If your pet (especially – cat) peed on the carpet or left a mark, do not rush it (carpet) to write off. Soda, vinegar and peroxide can be found in any house. And they will cope even better! To begin thoroughly dry the puddle with a napkin. Then pour 9% vinegar diluted with  water 50/50. Leave it for a while so that the vinegar is completely dry, and then carefully sprinkle the stain with baking soda. Pour the usual 3% hydrogen peroxide into the spray bottle, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Spray this solution over the baking soda and leave to dry, then collect the remnants of baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. This recipe is suitable for eliminating cat “surprises” also from upholstered furniture. However, we recommend that you check it on an inconspicuous area, whether it harms the fabric.

Some pets cannot pass by the flower pot. The toothpicks inserted into the soil will not allow them to commit outrage upon the plant.

According to some owners of cats, cones, laid out on the windowsill and in pots, also help to protect the flowers. Cats simply hate to walk over them.

And the owners of large dogs came up such method of door protection. Transparent plastic cover does not allow the dog to scratch the door leaf.

A drinking bowl with a supply of water is a good solution for the hot season. As the animal finishes drink water from the bowl, it will be added to it from the inverted bottle.

And this is a brilliant invention of mankind – “do-not-let-through-the-fence-stick”. It does not allow the dog to slip through the wide bars of the fence. However, smart dogs will soon figure out how to cheat the system.

But if your fence is without holes, look to such a little thing, which will allow the dog to satisfy curiosity, and partly save you from annoying barking and underminings.

Not all dogs behave well during the trip in the car. For the animal not to run around the cabin and not to distract the driver from the road, you can use here is such a cunning trick.

To prevent the dog from getting water in its ears during bathing, put a shower cap on its head.

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